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ImprovBoston Comedy Lab

Welcome to The Comedy Lab! ($10, $8 for students)

Each month ImprovBoston presents a brand new comedy show comprised of THREE sets.

You can expect to see everything from sketch to improv, and even stand-up comedy. Look for specific show descriptions below and buy tickets online to make sure you get a seat for Comedy Lab.


Wednesday 1/4 @ 8PM: Matt D!, Heard of it?, Family Show After Dark
Wednesday 1/11 @ 8PM: Briami Sound Machine, Emma Willman, Coach Crotchky
Wednesday 1/18 @ 8PM: Road Trip with ZW, Heard of it?, Coach Crotchky
Wednesday 1/25 @ 8PM: Family Show After Dark, Bobby and Rachel, Daft Agenda

Wednesday 2/1 @ 8PM: Upper West, Chris Pennie, Hidden Falls
Wednesday 2/8 @ 8PM: AwkwardCab Confessions, Matt D, Hidden Falls
Wednesday 2/15 @ 8PM: AwkwardCab Confessions, Groaners for Boners, Hidden Falls
Wednesday 2/22 @ 8PM: AwkwardCab Confessions, Cough, Hidden Falls
Wednesday 2/29 @ 8PM: AwkwardCab Confessions, IB Tour Co, Hidden Falls


Matt D: In 2011 Matt was one of 20 comics across the country invited to perform in the Great American Comedy Festival in Norfolk, NE where he went on to be a top eight finalist. He was voted the Best Comedian in Boston by the Boston Phoenix and in 2010 beat out 88 other comics to make the top 8 finals of the Boston Comedy Festival. Matt’s jokes have been featured on Rooftop Comedy’s front page, as well as SiriusXM Radio and NBC. Matt tells 10's of 20's of jokes during a set, so he is a very smart choice economically during these trying times. Matt's style is very quick, especially if you are very slow. You may need someone to explain the jokes to you, but please, not during the show. Matt has performed in clubs, colleges, basements, battleships, festivals, theaters, high school gymnasiums, college cafeterias and raised money for all sorts of causes from breast cancer to nipple awareness.

Daft Agenda: is packing up their wigs and props (except for their many, many toy guns) and bringing some of their best sketches to the North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival. Check them out before they go! Daft Agenda brings a blend of dark humor and pop culture references through a variety of oddball characters. Some of these characters choose to express their a song.

Awkward Compliment: Awkward Compliment presents AwkwardCab Confessions, a long-form improvised show that takes you on an overpriced ride into the minds of a cab driver and his many customers. A single suggestion from the audience inspires several cab rides that spin off into a series of scenes. Awkward Compliment is: Patty Barrett, Mat Dann, Brian DiBello, Ryan McFarland, Mark O'Connell, Stephen Serwacki

Family Show After Dark:  The Family Show is a fully improvised free-form comedy and music extravaganza that is ordinarily for the entire family... but not this time! Tonight our show is just for the grownups. So put the kids to bed, have a beer, and stay up late with the Family Show: After Dark!

Groaners for Boners: Boston's sharpest comedians improvise as many jokes as they can, as fast as they can.  It's about quantity over quality and you're gonna love every minute of it!