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Our 6-Level Improv Training Program

ImprovBoston Announces Newly Expanded Comedy School

Our 6-Level Improv Training Program


Our improv comedy program for adults (17+) takes you from the fundamentals of improvisation all the way through creating your very own improv show. Also, Comedy School Students receive UNLIMITED Stand-by comp tickets for regularly scheduled shows and Every class features a Student Showcase.

Successful improv stems from a supportive environment where students are encouraged to take risks, build confidence in the choices they make, themselves, and their partners on stage. Our improv philosophy is explored by an experienced faculty of performers focusing on creativity, active listening, acceptance, and the comedic potential of unique characters and dynamic relationships. Our program is cumulative and each level truly fosters an ensemble experience.

See our Training FAQ for answers to frequently asked questions about our training program.

  • Improv 101
  • Improv 201
  • Improv 301
  • Improv 401
  • Improv 501
  • Improv 601

101: Introduction to Improvisation

IMPROV 101 explores the fundamentals of scene work. Our students are introduced to techniques that develop trust, support and agreement. We push performer playfulness, character depth, relationships, and the use of environment on stage. By the end of 101 students will be able to implement these techniques in improv games and to succeed in situations both on- and off-stage.

$199.00 per person. Maximum of 14 participants per class.
No previous experience necessary.

201: Intermediate Scenework, Game of the Scene and Patterns

IMPROV 201 digs into the two-person scene, identifying the game of the scene and developing patterns, themes and story. Our students learn to heighten by embracing creative concepts and placing scene work within a larger picture. By the end of 201 students will start to explore the building blocks for longform.

 $199.00 per person. Maximum of 14 participants per class.
Prerequisite: Improv 101 or attend placement auditions.

301: Harold, Introduction to the Structure

IMPROV 301 provides an introduction to Harold, the classic longform format. Developed by legendary comedic improviser Del Close, Harold blends scene work and ensemble games inspired by one suggestion to create a 25-minute show. The structure trains students to focus and actively support the ensemble.

$199.00 per person. Maximum of 12 participants per class.
Prerequisite: Improv 201

401: Advanced Harold Performance

IMPROV 401 pushes you to explore Harold techniques for performance. Focus will be on the development of group mind, as well as the creation of thematically cohesive shows. Students will practice advanced scene work and game play, culminating in the performance of a FULL Harold for their graduation show. By the end of 401 students will start to accept Harold as a philosophy of play.

$199.00 per person. Maximum of 12 participants per class.
Prerequisite: Improv 301

501: Longform Structures and Freeform Play

IMPROV 501 applies Harold skills to the execution of many other popular longform structures. Students explore Armando, JTS Brown, La Ronde and Close Quarters. Techniques and tricks used to successfully perform those improv structures will provide students with a set of tools for Freeform Play.

$199.00 per person. Maximum of 12 participants per class.
Prerequisite: Improv 401

601: Advanced Freeform Performance

IMPROV 601 draws upon everything students master in a year of improv classes to create an original longform show. Our veteran faculty guide the ensemble in Freeform Play and an organic approach to creating improvised comedy on stage. (601 students must commit to the ensemble process of developing a show for performance. Rehearsals outside of our scheduled classes is highly encouraged)

$199.00 per person. Maximum of 12 participants per class.
Prerequisite: Improv 501

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