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Sketch Comedy Writing

ImprovBoston's Sketch Comedy Writing Program is rooted in the success of ImprovBoston's Friday night SketchHaus series, original scripted shows, and our long-established approach to inventive comedy.

Like our 6 level improv training, we encourage anyone to enroll. Whether you've never written anything but a thank you card to grandma, or have written up some sketch ideas that you've yet to share, or you've wanted to do this since color-TV was introduced, we would love to have you in class!  Each level builds on the previous one.  Sketch 101 shows you the basics of sketch writing, Sketch 201 introduces advanced concepts in building characters, scenes and editing, and Level 301 hones your material even futher and gets the sketches up on their feet for a complete show. Levels 101 & 201 end with a staged reading, 301 ends with a final sketch student showcase. We look forward to seeing you in class.

Classes are 18+.

Unless indicated otherwise, writing classes run for eight-week sessions, starting at the beginning of each quarter: Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall.  Each weekly class is two hours.

Please make sure you have fulfilled the prerequisites for the class you wish to take.

Our Instructors are national performers, sought-out directors, and published writers who are active members of the ImprovBoston community.

See our Training FAQ for answers to frequently asked questions about our training program.

  • Sketch Writing 101
  • Sketch Writing 201
  • Sketch Writing 301

Sketch Writing 101

What is a "sketch," exactly, and how the heck do you write one? In eight weeks, you'll learn how to develop a comic premise, imagine and resolve a 3-5 minute scene, and create hilarious and complex characters. Workshopping with classmates and a member of ImprovBoston's writing staff, you'll develop your first portfolio of sketches. $199.00 per person. Maximum of 10 participants per class. No previous experience necessary.

Sketch Writing Level 201

Want to take your sketches and your creative strategies to the next level? The second level of the program will introduce you to new ways to develop ideas and opportunities to write a wide variety of sketch styles. Level II will hone skills like collaboration, revision, and writing topical humor. $199.00 per person. Maximum of 10 participants per class. Prerequisite: Sketch Comedy Writing 101 or permission from Director of Education.

Sketch Writing Level 301

This level is all about putting together a polished sketch show! By the end of eight weeks, you will have polished a show, cast it, rehearsed it, and put it up on stage. You will work together with your class and with guest performers/directors to put on a 45-minute sketch show. And it shall be brilliantly funny. $199.00 per person. Maximum of 8 participants per class. Pre-requisite Sketch Comedy Writing 201, (Advanced Sketch)

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