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Stand-Up Comedy Training

Many of ImprovBoston's performers are more than just talented improvisers, they are experienced stand-up comics performing in clubs across Boston and around the country. They share their skills with you in our series of stand-up classes. 17+.

Classes run for eight-week sessions, starting at the beginning of each quarter: Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. Each weekly class is two hours.  Please make sure you have fulfilled the prerequisites for the class you wish to take.

Please check each level's schedule for class location.

Our Stand Up Instructors are local and national performers in the stand up comedy circuit and their teaching practices have been featured on MTV's Made.

See our Training FAQ for answers to frequently asked questions about our training program.  

Stand Up Classes starting in October:

  • Stand Up Level 101
  • Stand Up Level 201
  • Stand Up Level 301

Stand-Up 101

Are you the funny person at work? Do your friends constantly tell you that you should be on Comedy Central? Well prove them right! Stand-Up 101 teaches you the basics of stand up comedy and helps you turn your funny lines into a real routine. ImprovBoston's Stand Up instructors are nationally touring comedians who have been featured on MTV, Comedy Central and festivals all over the country. Stand Up 101 teaches you how to use your own experiences and own self-perceptions to develop your first stand-up routine. Learn how to find your comedic voice, how to better observe the world around you, and how to edit your perceptions into side splitting comedy. This class is perfect for anyone who wants to improve their public speaking skills, hone their writing point of view, and better understand how the world sees you. The class concludes with each student having a 3-5 minute routine ready to perform in front of a live audience! Maximum of 10 participants per class. $199.00 per person. No previous experience necessary.

Stand-Up 201

Do you want to take your stand up comedy to the next level? In our 201 class, you'll learn to further develop your persona and personal stand up style. What makes your comedy different from everyone else's? 201 will help you find out. Then you'll put it to the test in class through trial and error, work shopping and higher level feedback. In level two we analyze the work of some of the masters of the craft and apply lessons learned to your new material. The goal is a slick, polished, unique persona performing with a truly original voice. This class will help prepare you to take your comedy to the clubs. The class concludes with each student having a full 8 minute set (the standard in clubs and on late night television slots) ready to perform in front of a live audience. Maximum of 10 participants per class. $199.00 per person. Pre-requisite: Standup Level I or permission from the Director of Education.

Stand-Up Level 301 -- Ongoing Stand Up Workshop

Designed for current stand up performers. If you regularly hit open mic nights and are looking for a place to try out new material and get feedback, this workshop is perfect for you. Plus, instructors will go over tips for landing slots, promoting yourself and keeping your act fresh. Pre-requisite: Stand Up 101 & 201 or performance history with at least a 5 minute set. Email with your resume and/or links to your set for approval.