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YAP Improv Workshops ("Yes And Practice")

YAP Improv Workshops at ImprovBoston

YAP Workshops are Boston’s premier drop-in improv workshops open to all players from novice to intermediate.

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An extension of ImprovBoston’s training program, YAP allows players to develop and practice their skills under the tutelage of a variety of company members of ImprovBoston casts as well as instructors and directors from around Boston’s improv scene.

During each YAP session, we explore elements of improvisational comedy such as scene work, relationships, character work, short form games, and group interaction.

YAP is great for getting some extra improv practice time, for sharpening skills, and for networking and working with other improvisers.

Please feel free to drop in and join us to play, network, and learn. Come once, come often - just don’t come late! 


Sundays from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM at ImprovBoston, 40 Prospect St., Cambridge, MA

Note: There will be no YAP workshop on the following dates:

  • Easter Sunday (4/24)
  • Independence Day weekend (7/3)
  • Boston Improv Festival weekend (9/11)


YAP is $10 per session (17+). You can purchase a YAP pass ahead of time (recommended), or at ImprovBoston Theater on the day of the workshop. Our Box office opens at 11am on Sunday.

Purchase a YAP pass now ($10).


YAP is open to beginners (17+) and is ideal for players with a basic understanding of improv and/or acting experience.


We concentrate primarily on scene work. We do some side coaching and direction, but we want to focus on this just being practice with the overall purpose of improving scene work. If participants want to work on specific elements of improv, e.g., character work, object work, short form games, etc., we can explore those things in more depth, depending on what the needs/wants of the group are.  Our goal is to help improvisers get to a point where they feel they are performance-ready.

YAP is held almost every Sunday all year. To get the latest scheduling updates, we recommend joining our Google Group mailing list, or following us on Facebook or Twitter - all of which are updated weekly.

Note: There will be no YAP workshop on the following dates:

  • Easter Sunday (4/24)
  • Independence Day weekend (7/3)
  • Boston Improv Festival weekend (9/11)

Detailed schedule coming soon!


A variety of instructors and coaches from ImprovBoston's training program and members of IB's company casts provide their unique guidance, allowing the group to experience a variety of perspectives.

Contact YAP

For general questions, please contact:

To stay up-to-date with YAP the latest scheduling and workshop details, please join our Google Group mailing list here:

You can also follow our weekly updates on: 
Twitter: @improvbostonyap


Buy a YAP workshop pass: $10



Questions? Contact the YAP Program Coordinator